Melli Hoppe

Melli HoppeIndianapolis, Indiana

Discipline(s):  Movement/Dance

Bio:  Melli has been a Teaching Artist with ArtMix since 1993.  She also is a Teaching Artist with Arts for Learning Indiana.  She has taught dance for 25 years and is currently teaching site-specific theater and stage movement at Butler University where she has directed and choreographed several plays.  She is also the artistic director of Susurrus Performance Group.  Melli was awarded a Creative Renewal Fellowship from the Arts Council of Indianapolis and was selected as regional artist for the Lewis and Clark ArtsCorp in 2003.  She received a BA in dance from Columbia College in Chicago and is currently working on her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Goddard College in Vermont.

Philosophy:  My mission as a Teaching Artist is to make dance accessible to all people and to encourage students to be creative through movement experiences.  Dance in the classroom can build a sense of community through group problem-solving activities. Dance also increases body awareness and builds self-esteem.  Students improve listening skills, observation skills, self-discipline, and physical strength while having fun moving to music.