Emily Compton

Emily Compton, Teaching Artist, assists an IPS Student

Emily Compton, Teaching Artist, assists an IPS Student

Indianapolis, Indiana

Discipline(s):  2-D, 3-D

Specific Area: Printmaking, painting, mixed media ceramics, papermaking

Bio:  Emily has been with ArtMix since 2001.  She has a degree in art history from Indiana University and Art Education from Herron School of Fine Art. Currently she is a Resident Master Teaching Artist at ArtMix.  She is the Master Artist in the Urban Artisans transitional program which takes place year round in ArtMix’s studios.

Philosophy:  I believe it is my responsibility as an ArtMix Teaching Artist to use my knowledge, experience, and skills to instruct my students in the arts.  The arts are a pathway to learning.  The knowledge, experience and skills that my students gain through the production of art lead to not only learning, but the development of confidence, life skills, and a new outlook on life.  I enjoy being a part of helping facilitate this wonderful process.