Octavia Sexton

Indianapolis, Indiana

Discipline(s):  Drama/Storytelling/Writing

Bio:  Octavia is a Teaching Artist in storytelling and literary art.  A Kentucky Arts Council education roster artist, KAC Performing Arts Directory artist, and Southern Artistry roster artist and President of SpoonWood Productions, an educational performing arts company, she has the skills necessary to teach her art form while instilling an appreciation for the arts.  She grew up in a storytelling tradition within Appalachia and share stories in her native dialect.  Her residencies incorporate storytelling with literary/drama elements.  Core content based and using participatory activities, she focuses on developing performance and literary skills and individual creativity to develop characters and/or a story, skit, or play.  Adapting her teaching strategies to the dynamics of the classroom, she may use drawings, costumes, masks, musical instruments or objects gleaned from a classroom scavenger hunt.

Philosophy:  As an educator and artist, my goal is to use storytelling, theater, and creative writing across the curriculum helping learners expand their comprehension of subject matter while developing self-confidence in their own abilities, and to instill in them an appreciation of the arts.  Drama is often about cooperation and decision-making and when used in mixed -ability groups, it can act as a bridge between children with special needs and others in their peer group.

Website: www.octaviasexton.com