Marie Augustine

Louisville, KY

Discipline(s):  Music

Bio:  Marie has been a musician for more than 30 years.  She has been a Teaching Artist since 1994 and with VSAI since 1995.  Marie attended the University of Louisville for several years pursuing a degree in music education as well as receiving instruction from private teachers.  She has participated in VSAI continuing education retreats and workshops for Teaching Artists since 1995.  Marie has worked with individuals and groups from the ages of two years to 102 years.  As a songwriter, some of her accomplishments including producing a CD of original songs, placing first in the eclectic category and third place in the children’s category of the Louisville Area Songwriters contest.

Philosophy:  My mission is to guide participants through the creative process, helping them unlock their imaginations, so they may express the art of the songs of their hearts. Taking into account the different intelligences, how participants process information, and the developmental stage of the participants, my goal is to develop and implement appropriate and effective musical programs in concert with teachers and facilities.