Bernadette Ostrozovich

Indianapolis, Indiana

Discipline(s):  Visual Arts

Bio:  Bernadette has been a Teaching Artist at VSAI since 2003.  She holds a BFA as well as an MFA in Painting and Drawing.  For eighteen years, she has been teaching the arts to people of all ages and abilities but has a life-long involvement of working with people with disabilities.

Philosophy:  My personal philosophy as a VSAI Teaching Artist is that I am first and foremost a compassionate facilitator.  I have a strong desire to make my experiences as an artist, a business person, a human being with 57 years of life experience, accessible as potentially helpful information to those I serve.  I can truthfully say that I have always been an artist and always been a serving person.  That is my nature and that is my love.  I am driven by the joy of making art accessible to all and for me, art is a great life joy that we are all capable of experiencing in spite of and indeed often, because of the challenges we face.