Amy Hourigan

Muncie, Indiana

Discipline(s):  Music Therapy

Bio:  Amy began her professional music career as an elementary music education specialist in Itasca, IL.  After eight years teaching music in the Illinois public schools, Ms. Hourigan took time off to raise her two children, Joshua and Andrew.  During this time she saw how certain therapies and therapists had a profound affect on their clients’ progress. Amy became interested in music therapy as a means to help people meet their goals through music.

Amy earned her degree from Eastern Michigan University and completed her internship at Bi-County services in Bluffton, IN, where she provided music therapy for adults with a diagnoses of MR/DD.  Amy is certified through the Certification Board of Music Therapists and is the owner/operator of Music Therapy Connections, LLC.

Philosophy:  Music is the core of human existence and has different meanings for all of us.  Music stirs our souls.  It allows for people to connect with others.  The actions and relationships that people build through music are an essential part of why music is important to us as humans.  Music therapy presents music as a catalyst for communication, self-expression, interaction, and exploration.  Music therapy allows for communication without speaking.  It also can be a vehicle to explore what moves us and will allow for sharing these discoveries with others.  Music therapy interventions allow for meaningful connections with those who are not able to interact with words.  Additionally, music therapy supports those who are not sure of their place in the world.