Spring is Blossoming in Community Class

Spring is a time of renewal. The grass is turning green, leaves are growing on trees, and flowers are beginning to bloom. Just as spring has begun so has the latest session of community arts classes. This session the students are focusing on nature and growth.

On Wednesday night our Community Arts Class students entered our visual arts studio where a large tree branch, coffee filters, gauze, cotton swabs and pink paint awaited them. Teaching Artist Bella Heilbrunn, apron on and paintbrush in hand, was ready to give students directions for this new project.

Bella began by explaining to the class the project at hand. The students would be creating a cherry blossom tree branch for the upcoming First Friday exhibit. Cherry blossom trees bloom every spring with small pink and white flowers.

Using the coffee filters and gauze, students shaped flowers and buds of various sizes. Cotton swabs were then glued to the centers of these flowers. Next our students painted the flowers different shades of pinks.

After their flowers dried students attached them to the tree branch. One by one the flowers were added to the tree branch, and slowly the bare branch began to bloom into a cherry blossom tree.

Through this activity students learned how to work with unconventional materials in an artistic way. Students in Community Arts Classes are used to taking their work home with them. This project allowed for all of our students to create one piece together. They learned that they can contribute to something bigger than themselves. Looking at the branch, each flower is unique in shape, size and color. Just as we are all unique in our own way, so are these flowers.

To see the finished piece join us April 7, 6-9 pm for First Friday.

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