“Redefining Inspiration” March First Friday

March is Disability Awareness Month, and we are celebrating with our new exhibit “Redefining Inspiration.” On Friday, March 3, join us at the ArtMix Gallery from 6-9 p.m. to see artwork from our students who are redefining disability.


The theme for 2017 Disability Awareness Month is “I’m Not Your Inspiration.” People with disabilities who are successful, athletic, employed or simply good neighbors are often given the title of inspiration by people who don’t know them. This year’s campaign theme emphasizes that people with disabilities are people first – people who want to be fully included in their communities just like everyone else.

At ArtMix we are redefining disability through the arts. We understand that our artists and the work they create can provide inspiration to others. Our goal with this new exhibit is to redefine the source of inspiration. We hope that you find inspiration in the artwork on display and the people who created it, not because of any disabilities, but rather based on their abilities.

Everyone strives to be inspiring. Whether you want to inspire your child to do well in school, or you hope to inspire the entire state of Indiana to recycle more, you have something you aspire to and someone to inspire with your goals. Inspiration can be found everywhere and in everyone.

The goal of “I’m Not Your Inspiration” is to encourage people to look at their classmates, neighbors, and coworkers with disabilities as just that: their classmate, their neighbor or their coworker. Not their inspiration. You can find inspiration in your friends who have disabilities, but be inspired by their skill and talents, not by their disabilities.

This month we will have three pieces visiting from the reVISION exhibit opening on March 9. We are happy to partner with Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS) for this opportunity. To learn more about VIPS click here!

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