Meet the Bledsoes!

Betty Bledsoe is a single mother who has been fostering and adopting children since 1985. In 2002 she and her children joined the ArtMix family, and more than 50 Bledsoe children have come through our doors. Betty and her 13 children join ArtMix every Tuesday night for Community Arts Class.

“I have seen my children grow mentally, emotionally, socially, psychologically, and physically since they began ArtMix classes!” – Betty Bledsoe


The Bledsoe’s holding garden stones they created at ArtMix.

Our Community Arts Classes provide an opportunity for the Bledsoes to express themselves. Betty’s children find joy and take pride in the artwork they create. They have created group projects like the garden stones in the photo. They make gifts for each other, and some of them sell their work in the ArtMix Gallery.

Betty has seen the impact ArtMix has had on her children. They have gained independence and confidence in their abilities. Many have learned to use art as a healthy outlet of expression. Betty recalled the difference art made in the life of her daughter, who began to use drawing rather than violence as an outlet when she felt upset.

ArtMix is more than arts classes for the Bledsoes. Betty and her children have found a supportive community here. Betty said, “Truly, the people here are like family.”

We are able to provide a safe and joyful community for the Bledsoes (and so many others) because of the funding we receive. Please consider making a donation to help support all of our year-round programming. To learn more about the impact a donation can make please watch our new video below.


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