Art and Exceptionality

ArtMix has partnered with Butler University for a course in Art and Exceptionality. The course explores perceptions of abilities and disabilities with art as a guide.

This semester ArtMix welcomed 24 Butler University students into our studios. Every Wednesday for the past 12 weeks these Butler students worked alongside our Urban Artisans. They didn’t just work with the Urban Artisans, they formed relationships. The Butler students were welcomed as a part of the Urban Artisan team and into the ArtMix family.

On their last day with us, the Butler Students exhibited prints they had made in our studio. Each student was instructed to create a symbol or logo that represented their experience at ArtMix. They then carved from rubber squares their designs. Using ink they covered the carved squares and pressed them to paper.

In addition to creating these designs the students were asked to write what the design meant and how it represented their experience. What they wrote was inspiring. Here are some of the prints with the artists’ descriptions:

The Butler students sent our Urban Artisans a letter of thanks that you can see here:

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