Why Art?

Why We Do What We Do

Emily Compton, Teaching Artist, assists an IPS Student

Emily Compton, Teaching Artist, assists an IPS Student

People with disabilities face barriers on a daily basis – steps, curbs, and narrow doorways, for example. The primary barrier, however, is the label of “disability.” As a result, people with disabilities are excluded and devalued. The exclusion and isolation that are a regular experience among people with disabilities unnaturally magnifies the effects of disability and discounts the skills, expertise, and abilities they can offer their communities.

ArtMix programs reduce and eliminate these actual and attitudinal barriers.

Art is Not the Thing, it is the Way

ArtMix addresses barriers by creating opportunities for self-expression and socialization.  As studies show, we use art to:

  • Enhance education
  • Communicate experiences
  • Unite diverse cultures

    Painting in Early Childhood Camp

    Telling stories and sharing experiences through painting

People with disabilities who practice visual, literary, and performing arts contribute more to the social, cultural, and economic life of their communities.  And, inclusive arts programming promotes disability awareness and inclusion worldwide.

So, it’s not just an art class at ArtMix, it’s an art community!